You build it, you run it.
Werner Vogels, 2006
...but how to run it?
Ask OpsBR.

Operation is the vital of software services but developers are not familiar with operational excellence. Operations Bar Raiser (OpsBR) can provide you higher standard of operations.

Raise your operations bar

Operations Bar Raiser (OpsBR) can raise your operations's bar. Aim higher bar for reliable, safe and agile development of your system with OpsBR.

CI/CD pipeline

Automated CI/CD pipeline is the center of the operational excellence. Without pipeline, you can't operate your system.

Design for failure

The more resilient your system is designed, the higher available it becomes and makes operations easier.

Change management

Change management is not for bureaucracy. It really helps you to reduce optimistic bias for operations.

Correction of error

An event is a chance to improve your system and operations drastically but it requires proper postmortem.


Without monitoring, you're flying blind. You can't gain any feedback including how your customers use your services.

Canary testing

Canary is a unique technique to test your system continuously and can give you lots of insights and safer operations.


Operations Bar Raiser (OpsBR) has several ways to help your system and organization.


Meet with OpsBR in person/online regularly to raise your bar by our objective perspective.


Ask OpsBR to implement tangible stuff to raise your bar e.g. CI/CD pipeline, dashboard, etc.


Subscribe OpsBR's publication to learn best practices for raising your bar.

Developer relation

Use OpsBR for advertising your solutions to developers.

Your OpsBR

Here is the OpsBR who will help you.

  • Ryosuke

    Ryosuke Iwanaga

    Founder / President

    Ryosuke has a variety of experiences around software for more than 10 years. His strong background of operations from physical data center to the largest distributed system gives you higher standard of operations. He is currently working as Staff Software Engineer at Autify. Previously, Sr. Systems Development Engineer and Solutions Architect at Amazon. Living in Vancouver, Canada.

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